Add Google AdSense to your WordPress Website

We decided to add Google AdSense to our blog site so that we can recuperate some expenses.

AdSense is an ad serving application by Website owners can generate ads revenue displaying ads using Google AdSense. Please read our suggested reading articles below for more information about Google AdSense.

So we got on Google and search about AdSense for WordPress. And we decided to use AdSense Optimizer, because it is simple to use this plugin.

Installing AdSense Optimizer

Installing the AdSense Optimizer is easy. We

  1. logged in as an admin,
  2. clicked Plugins button and clicked Add New link,

    Add a new WordPress plugin

    Add a new WordPress plugin

  3. searched with “AdSense Optimizer” term
  4. clicked “Install Now” to install the plugin, and
  5. clicked Activate to make the plugin active

Configuring AdSense

Configuring AdSense for our WordPress site is also simple.

A Google AdSense account number is needed. And we have one since we registered for an account in the past.

  1. We clicked on Settings and selected AdSense Optimizer
  2. Entered the AdSense account number at AdSense Publish ID, (don’t enter “Pub” part of the ID number)
    Add AdSense account IDAdd AdSense account ID
  3. Selected Basic User to start a simple AdSense scheme
  4. Created 1 simple ad of 468×60 banner
  5. Kept other items as default
  6. Clicked “Update Options” at the bottom of the page to save the settings

Verifying AdSense Ads

We accessed our site to verify that the ads are displayed correctly. Below is our blog’s homepage with Google ads.

Homepage with Google ads

Homepage with Google ads

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