Use Google Web Fonts on your Joomla website

If you are tired of using safe web fonts, Google web fonts might be a solution for you. Google web fonts are

a project to ensure webmaster, designers and developers have free and easy access to a choice of rich, free, quality typography for their websites.

There are more than 200 open source fonts that you can choose for your website. Below image shows some of the Google web fonts. You can use these high quality web fonts through Google font API.Examples of Google web fonts
There are no coding necessary when Google font API is used. You only have to add a special stylesheet link to your HTML document and then refer to the font in a CSS style.

Instruction for Google Font API can be found at

If you have a Joomla website, there are a few extensions that you can choose to use Google web fonts. We use HD-Gfonts plugin for our site. Here is a video about how to install and configure the plugin to use Google web fonts.

Basically there are 4 steps:

One caution is that you should use one web font or two. Using too many web fonts can hurt the performance of your pages. Click to read how to use Google web fonts on WordPress site

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