How to add breadcrumbs to your WordPress website

We decided to have breadcrumbs for our WordPress website. It is because we want the website to be more usable. And breadcrumbs can positively affect the SEO of a website.

After trying several breadcrumbs plugin choices, we decided to use Breadcrumb NavXT Widget plugin because we felt it is simple to use.

To use BreadCrumb NavXT Widget, one also needs to install Breadcrumb NavXT pluggin, in addtion to install BreadCrumb NavXT Widget. If a person installs both plugins correctly, both will be listed in the list of active Plugins, like the below image.

plugins list of WordPress

Please refer to the link at the end of this post about how to install a plugin.

The next step is to deploy the breadcrumbs. Click Appearance at the Admin Dashboard; and click Widgets. Then drag the BreadCrumb NavXT Widget from the left to one of the Widget areas on the right column. Below is an example of the Widget Area of the Twenty Ten 1.2 theme.

Next, one should view the home page to verify that the breadcrumbs is visible. Below is an example of the breadcrumbs with Brunelleschi theme.

Breadcrumbs example on WordPress website

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